Watch Porsche’s Portable DCFC Charger Juice Up The Macan Electric

Kyle from the Out of Spec YouTube channel just lately had the chance to go on-site to the French Riviera. There, he had some high quality time behind the wheel of the gorgeous new Porsche Macan Electric. However as a real electrical automobile nerd, Kyle was simply as fascinated by this cool piece of transportable EV charging tech from Porsche. 

The Porsche Turbo Charging transportable DC quick chargers (DCFC) have served as a charging answer for the automaker since 2019. Porsche has seven of those charging trailers deployed throughout Europe. It has been a wonderful answer to many completely different charging situations like powering prototype testing, advertising and marketing and take a look at drive occasions and monitor days.

Whereas we’ve got seen similar technologies since, the specs on Porsches’ cost system stay fairly spectacular. Most different programs are a lot smaller in scope. The trailer featured weighs a whopping 70,000 lbs, has a 2.1 MWh battery capability and might help a 3.2 MW load. There are ten plugs on the unit that may dispense 320 kW every, with the battery packs supporting ~400 amp peak discharging. 

Within the instance right here, the trailer is plugged into the grid to replenish the battery pack, however the trailer’s “Island Mode” permits it to work utterly off battery energy. When instantly linked to energy at this location, a sequence of 5 heavy-duty cords are run from the ability supply to the trailers with a specialty-designed plug and a converter to get a 5-pin, 3-phase crimson plug with a impartial and a floor. 

Every trailer’s huge battery pack will be replenished from the grid in about 4 hours. When the pack’s capability is full whereas linked to energy, the AC to DC converter can function a passthrough to cost the automobile instantly, bypassing the battery pack. 

When the trailer is in its island mode, it could additionally stability the cost ranges throughout all of the battery packs. It is a very inefficient course of, nevertheless, since there isn’t a DC-to-DC connection between them. Consequently, this requires two conversions from DC to AC after which again from AC to DC. So that they keep away from this when doable. 

There are a lot of different attention-grabbing technical particulars, so if you’re involved in battery and EV charging applied sciences, you’ll want to take a look at the total video. 

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