Charged EVs | Electric Vehicle Containment Unit can squelch EV fires even as they’re still burning

No, regardless of what you’ve seen in a thousand Fb posts, EVs usually are not extra vulnerable to catching fireplace than are legacy autos (in response to a number of studies—take your pick—the reverse is the case). Nevertheless, like every vitality storage system, an EV battery can catch fireplace within the case of a collision or a malfunction, and there are a few troublesome features to battery fires—they can’t be put out with water, and so they can reignite hours after it appears the hearth has been put out.

Emergency responders want applicable instruments to cope with EV fireplace incidents—and that’s the place Hearth Containers Ltd’s Electrical Car Containment Unit (EVCU) is available in. The EVCU encompasses a built-in water provide that recirculates water for continuous cooling and fireplace suppression even throughout transit. An EV that has caught fireplace will be ensconced within the EVCU (in response to the corporate, it may possibly theoretically be positioned inside even whereas nonetheless burning), then transported and safely saved till the hazard of reignition is previous.

“The primary distinction between the EVCU and different options is that this isn’t a submersion unit,” says Hearth Containers Ltd. “Main car producers state that their batteries ought to not be submerged in water, as this could provoke or speed up thermal runaway. Additionally, submersion techniques create enormous quantities of contaminated water. The EVCU makes use of the precept of water turning to steam (enlargement ratio) to suppress fireplace improvement across the car or to repeatedly cool battery compartments to assist stop thermal runaway from creating inside the battery compartment.”

Supply: Fire Containers Ltd

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